-Interview with Mike Majewski-

by Marino Manarin (Rino)

As much as i hate e-mailing questions to my lovely sluts, this time i had no choice. Mikeís Messenger is being a bitch so i e-mailed him my questions. Hope you cunts enjoy the ďbitchatredĒ chat.


Rino: Hi Mike my lovely whore. How's Devourment whorehouse office's going? Whats up with  your band?

Mike: Unfortunately we just had a loss which hit us each pretty deeply. Our original vocalist and close friend Wayne Knupp just passed away. We remained in steady contact with Wayne despite the fact he hasnít been in the band in several years, and he remained a close companion of the band, and never really felt like he wasnít a member. It felt like a big part of the band ended and it just seemed weird continuing, but we plan to move forward and focus more than ever.

Rino: have you ever played in Brazil, whore? Have you ever came to my country at all?

Mike: No and no. I personally would love to visit and plan to some day, and playing there would be a dream come true. Hopefully this is something we can pull off in the near future, but only if we can play with Carnivore Diprosopus because they crush my fucken face.

Rino: Slut, Bed of Roses just start playing in my mp3 player. Isnít it super exciting?

Mike: Yes!



Rino: anyway, have you ever hit a woman? If yes, what did she do?



Mike: No I havenít. But I sing about that on a frequent basis. Donít condone it though



Rino: With each bon jovi music that starts, I feel more inspired. When you are not jamming the brutal ones, what other types of music do you like to play?



PS: If you feel like giving me a fail pic, just attach it on the e-mail with some pictures of you that I need to make this interview page.



Mike: Ha ha. I know my guitarist jams quite a bit of blues in his non broooodal time, heís a big Stevie Ray fan. I have written some black metal stuff that I would like to see the light of dayÖ some day. Some mellow shit too but Iím not as skilled with the axe as Iíd like to be, but I have some good ideas I think, and Iím good enough to get my ideas across. My drummer is very much into grind and melodic stuff, which fortunately for Devourment, he has several other projects that fulfill that need. My bass player is into grind and thrashy stuff as well, which he puts into his other band Intestinal Fortitude. He is also quite the grind drummer, as you can see with his old band Kill the Client.



Rino: Well, if you donít know, my website is about tablatures. Sorry but I need to ask if Ruben have some official tabs to contribute. Does he?



Mike: I donít believe he has tabbed any of our stuff out.



Rino: Lets talk about your drawings. They are pretty violent, yes, but for fuck sakes, its just a piece of ART. What do you have to say for the people who think that you are fucked in the head for doing such terrifying art?



Rino: by the way, Now Playing: In These Arms.



Mike: Fitting song for this question. When people get to know me, they realize I am quite sane, just creative. Drawing violent shit is fun and comes natural to me, donít know why but Iím not gonna fight it. But I have had some angry letters regarding my art, and Devourment for that matter, and every single one of them ended up apologizing to me in the end. I respond to everything and try to explain its entertainment value.



Rino: haha I need to register it, whore. Bad Medicine is playing on my mp3 player right now, and its also playing on the radio!!!!!!!! Hahaha now thatís enough for bon jewi.



Mike: This earns you a fail.




Rino: yeah, i know i deserve it. aaanyway, Whats your opinion about music downloading, torrents and stuff like that?



Mike: Doesnít bother me a bit.



Rino: Brutal Bands is your current label, right? How are things working out for you? I heard that BB are a pretty serious label.



Mike: They have been awesome. Totally supportive to us, and every band on the label from what I hear. From day one, they have bent over backwards to support and keep us happy. Their lineup is getting very strong and I dig their philosophy of quality versus quantity which is one of the things that appealed to me when we were label hunting. Couldnít be happier.



Rino: Now its time for one of those E! Entertainment ranks. Whats your top 5 most violent albums of all time?


         Mike: 1.Deicide: s/t

          2. Carcass: Symphonies of Sickness

          3. Cannibal Corspe: Butchered at Birth

          4. Slayer: Reign in Blood

          5. Suffocation: Effigy of the Forgotten



Rino: how many games do you have?



Mike: Currently I own 14, all Xbox 360 titles, all awesome.



Rino: Whats your favourite one?



Mike: At the moment Halo 3 is owning my life. Gears of War is a constant fave though, such an awesome game.



Rino: Whats your top 5 most annoying women ever?


Mike: ha ha. Most of these will be obvious but fuck it. Pointless to name ones I know in real life, but Iíd have about 100 of those.

1.Paris Hilton

2. Fran Dresher

3. Drew Barrymore

4. Rosie O'Donell

5. Rosie Perez

Rino: Whats your top 5 most wicked games ever?



1. Metroid Prime

2. Gears of War

3. Metroid Prime

4. Resident Evil 4

5. Halo 3


Rino: what will be your next tattoo? Something really annoying written ďfailĒ in it?



Mike: Hmm, Iíve been getting the itch to get more ink lately. I might get some bio-mechanical shit added to an existing tattoo. Iíve always wanted to get the German flag as well, maybe on my back or something.


Rino: Thanks for the intie, whore. The next lines are all yours.


Mike: Rino Wins!






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