- Interview with Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity) -

by Marino Manarin (Rino)

Rino: Hey Lille you crazy german! How are things going for you and for the other fuckers?? I heard that you pretend to tab the entire Psalms of The Moribund album and publish the tabs on our cuntish page, is that true?

Lille: hey rino. Everythingīs fine here. We took a little rest after the album, cause we have to finish our university stuff and shit. Itīs not true that I wanna publish all the tabs, but there will be some for you, we havenīt decided how many and which ones we wanna release.

Rino: Great! we are looking foward to see some in the future...So, tell me about your last album, Psalms Of The Moribund? You already know my opinion on this...haha

Lille: I think we recorded the best material in the bands history! The songs are more to the point and we have found a better mixture of brutality and technical/twisted stuff. Itīs great to hear some people appreciate the hard work of years, as the songwriting process began with Butchered, which was a song that was written even before Liquifying Cerebral Hemispheres in 2002....

Rino: damn, old song...

Lille: yeah we held it back on PTTT, cause we felt that it wouldnīt fit the style of the album, as well as our ex.-members didnīt like and match that kind of style!

Rino: What ex-member? Keller, or Jonas?

Lille: Kelliīs vocals wouldnīt have fit that song I think.

Rino: I think that you made a fucking great choice in keeping it in the queue...Its one of the best songs on Psalms in my opinion...

Lille: Haha yeah many people tell me that! I got different favourites though

Rino: Whats the real NEW songs then? Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement, Psalms Of The Moribund, Engorged With Humiliation and Arousal Through Punishment?

Lille: The last song that we have written and that brings Christian Kuehnīs style into the band is Engorged....the last song I wrote alone was Arousal....

Rino: Chris is one sick bastard...

Lille: Yeah Iīm happy to have him in the band now, he brought so much quality into the band, and his guitar work is like a balance to Wolfgangīs style, which is very dirty and obscure, but with much character, while Chris has a totally clean technique.

Rino: I must ask, is Wolfie your uncle or something? lol, how did he get into the band? i think its pretty fucking cool to have an old member like him...pretty unusual if you ask...

Lille: Yeah, something like that, haha. We started jamming tog ether when he wasnīt satiisfied with his bandmembers, who he was together with doing Jazz/Rock stuff. Yeah, he brings much calmness into the band, as of course musical knowledge and he knows which decisions to take in certain situations, cause he went through all that shit before...

Rino: awesome...he plays drums just like you, right?

Lille: Yep, amazing jazz drummer

Rino: Lets change subject a little...what do you think about Rivers Of Gore?

Lille: I like it! Thereīs much discussion going on here and I heard some of the tabs are pretty damn accurate. I never or barely play songs from other bands, so I never really checked myself.

Rino: Whats your favorite cunt?

Lille: Haha canīt say that or someone will be jealous?

Rino: ...its up to you

Lille: Everyone who has Defeated Sanity in his favorites hehe

Rino: perfect answer, brother

Lille: i know

Rino: Whats your favorite drink?

Lille: Cherry juice

Rino: I thought it was Lemonade...

Lille: No, itīs too sweet, gimme something natural, haha

Rino: Alright, Tim's sex change...pretty natural if you ask me


Rino: Alright, back to 2003...Whats your favorite song on PTTT?

Lille: PTTT

Rino: why?

Lille: No bullshit in there

Rino: Are you saying that Liquifying, Remnants, Drifting and others are bad songs?

Lille: You just mentioned the other good songs on that album, the rest is ok too, but I think you can hear our influences to obviously. And no, we donīt write bad songs!

Rino: Its all about classic songs to me!! Every single piece of music in every DS disk is quality stuff to my ears, AND YOU KNOW THAT!

Lille: It makes me proud to hear, that you think like that, bro!

Rino: I'm sure the other cunts think the same way, especially Tim...

Lille: Cool man!

Rino: Whats your fave Death Metal Album?

Lille: Thatīs a hard one, but right now I think I would pull Disgorge - Consume The Forsaken

Rino: One Challenging question now...whats my fave DM album, Lille?

Lille: hahaha Appetite For Destruction

Rino: HAHAHAHA, whats my fave DEATH METAL album, Lille?

Lille: It better be pierced from within

Rino: I said it was challenging...and i knew that you would miss...

Lille: No comment

Rino: one clue...it was released in 2007 and one of the song lyrics are about Tim mum's plastic surgery she had recently...

Lille: Haha I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SAY OK? Glad you like it, really!

Rino: Are you tired in answering questions?

Lille: Nono!

Rino: Alright, talking about DS shows, will you guys go out to promote PotM? Only German dates?

Lille: We really hope to come to other countries and even that we can play overseas! Grindethic didnīt come out with their promotion plans yet, so we donīt know if they have something in mind. The shows that are confirmed for this year, seem totally killer.

Rino: Great to know! Psalms is the second effort by the label Grindethic Records. Are you guys happy with em so far?

Lille: yeah, we are satisfied with their work. Tom from Grindethic took care of the album design and shirt design and it all looks fucking killer! For what their possibilities are, they really busted their asses for us.

Rino: What about the RoG member Erik Heino? whats your relashionship with that cunt? other than sex...

Lille: He does some promo work.

Rino: Yep, he kept us informed about Psalms...

Lille: We met him in London, heīs a cool guy!

Rino: Lille, your top 5 bands, please

Lille: Disgorge, Suffocation, Gorguts, Devourment, Brodequin

Rino: I guess i'm out of questions now...

Lille:haha ok i'm tired now

Rino: fair enough, Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions, Lille. You are one crazy fucker and 

deserves to be more recognized in the Death Metal department. last words, brother...

Lille: Thanx for the intie man! I appreciate all the support from everyone!

Keep it sick!