-Interview with Levi Fuselier-

by Akshat


Akshat: Hey Levi,Whats up.How are things with you and Disgorge?

Levi: I'm fine and as well as Disgorge, we are just on a break from playin for a bit! Taking time to pursue other interest!

Akshat: Nice to hear that. I can't wait till you guys get back and start playing again.

Akshat: Which other bands are you playing in? What about other members of Disgorge?

Levi: Hmm I have been recording vocals for the past few week for Pathology! In which i've been working with Dave Astor former drummer for Cattle Decapitation. Rick has been in Texas writing with Sarcolytic for a while!

Akshat: Is he back in Cali? or still in texas

Levi: He is still in Texas



Akshat: what about Ed and Diego?



Levi: Hmm those guys are writing new stuff and smokin it up!



Akshat: Any idea when you guys plan to get back and start working on some more sick stuff?




Levi: Not yet!



Akshat: How are things with Ben?I hope he is progressing well.



Levi: YA he is doin fine, just doin what it takes. He has many treatments but he will prevail!



Akshat: Thats good to hear. I wish him the best and hope he recovers fast.



Levi: I will tell him



Akshat: Tell us something about Parallels of Infinite Torture



Levi: its a wicked album.



Akshat: Word. but something we already don't know.




Levi: not sure it has  been a bit since we put it out! It was a great album for all of us. made us better musicians to write this one that for sure.



Akshat: I can't wait for the next one, bro. I'm sure it'll be even more insane than Parallels.



Levi: Ya i hope so.



Akshat: Well RiversofGore is a tab site. So do you guys  have any official tabs to release for the site??



Levi:  I have no idea. probably not. Diego and Ed just play, i dont think they ever tab anything!



Akshat: Damn it would be killer if they could tab out a couple of songs for RoG.


Levi: I'll have to ask Ed he would im sure.



Akshat: Oh btw whats the deal with the Disgorge website?



Levi: we had trouble keeping a good webmaster on it. we just shut it down it seems myspace is alot more affective!



Akshat: what about the merch??



Levi: we will add it to myspace soon.



Akshat: What are your influences?Any contemporaries that you admire?


Levi: I like alot of stuff, Broken Hope are sick to me and Suffocation but i have a large list of likes


Akshat: Whats playing on your computer/mp3 player/iPod these days?


Levi: Guttural Secrete


Akshat: What do you listen to besides Death Metal



Levi: Elvis, hehe


Akshat: Whats your fav Disgorge song?



Levi: I like Revealed in Obscurity



Akshat: Well my next question would have been our fav off Parallels of Infinite Torture but any other song other than off POIT



Levi: Divine Suffering



Akshat: Your top 5 Br00tal DM albums




1) Pierced from within

     2) Tomb of the Mutilated

     3) Leprosy

    4) Temple of Knowledge

   5) Repulsive Conception


Akshat: Whats your opinion on disgorge mex is and the other disgorges around the world?


Levi: ah they should have heard of us and got another band name.


Akshat: Have you heard Psalms of The Moribund?


Levi: ya


Akshat: Well what do you think of it?


Levi: Its good.


Akshat: what about your top albums of 2007?


1)  Immolation

2) Gutteral Secrete

3) Aoen

4) Disovowed

5) Arse Breed


Thats it, really.



Akshat: GS came out in 2006 dude



Levi: sorry i just got it.



Akshat: I've always wanted to ask this.. any plans to come to India?



Levi: I wish



Akshat: Well so do I



Levi: Hahaha maybe one day



Akshat: Well thats all the questions i have dude.Thanks for taking out time to answer my questions. Any last words



Levi: Thanx Akshat for asking me these personal and Brutal Questions

  I hope all your readers go check out Disgorge/ Pathology/ Sarcolytic.






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