- Interview with Erlend Caspersen -

by Marino Manarin (Rino)

I got to bug the whore to give me an interview.

So, Check the whorefest.

Rino: ok, first of all, whats your main band?

Erlend: well, I would say that`s The Allseeing I, since it`s the only band where I contribute with half of the songs, and thusly it has become my baby over the years. Unlike all the other bands I play, I merely contribute with basslines, not songs or riffs.

Whats up with The All Seeing I? new album in the works?

well, we recorded the album Holodemiurgia around christmas 2005. And after alot of back and forth, waiting for the mix from our man in Sweden, our label (Sublife Productions) told us they couldn`t give us the time and money they originally offered us. So this means we are free to look for other labels or financial contributors of some sort, to support the release. right now we have one or two interests, so maybe within this year.

I see, whore. Tell us more about the recording process for the brand new leaked Blood Red Throne cd.

Sure. It even leaked before I recieved my copy. Ah well, I bet it`s just a sign of outstanding quality. Since I live 400km away from the rest of the band, I just recorded my bass lines from home. I used a Sansamp DI box with one clean signal and one signal with the Sansamp EQ through it. All this right into the sound card (M-audio Audiophile 192) , using my Warwick corvette FNA jazzman. What the other guys used, God only knows.


interesting process


i`m an interesting person, thanks for askin


i must ask, Will be released any exclusive tabs for the RoG jews? even if we don't allow bass tabs on the site


Will I be banned if I send you bass-tabs?


no, you won't be banned, but we would love if you bug your mates for some exclusive guitar tabs.


Well , I don`t know if any of the bands I work with at this point would like if i release any tabs for yet unreleased albums. So later on I might, but for the time being, I can only contribute with my own songs from The Allseeing I. So if it`s of any interest I can surely lay it out including raw mixes from the album.


raw mixes from the yet to be released new The All Seeying I album?




that would be kinda cool my whore


some of the songs are already on our site, and a couple are not. The final mix will be a totally different story though.


does The name of the band have anything to do with the multiplayer gaming program? are you the author of the name?


haha in no way. I discovered that program a couple of years after we used that name. Skjalg, our guitar player came up with it in the last minute before our first show back in 2001 or so.


Interesting story my whore


I`m an interesting person, thanks for asking



how many bands are enough for Erlend Caspersen?


Well, I got 6 active bands at the moment which I do live shows for and am in the learning process of upcoming albums. So when I one day join Bon Jovi , make actual money and can call myself an actual rockstar, only then will I be fulfilled and stop joining new bands.


whats your favorite bon jovi album, by the way?


slippery when wet!


Erlend, slap or tap?


both, plz


active or passive?




seriously now, fret or fretless? why?


Depending on which band I`m playing with. Used to play fretless only for a few years,  but nowaydays to get the sound I want I need frets.




strong influence? musically speaking.


frank zappa, les claypool, victor wooten and japonize elephants from zorlock the land of the lost.


what surprised you the most throughout your musical career?


How much money I`m never going to get


do you like Tristania?




whats your opinion about tablatures?


They`re magic, and your spine might retract like a turtle if you use them too much.


interesting answer


i`m an interesting person, thanks for asking



Both bands needs a permanent bass player. You have to choose between the following bands, you can't pass this one, its a matter of life or death


- Tristania or Theatre of Tragedy?


Theatre of tragedy, since I owe one of the guys alot for doing his wife.


you are an interesting person


i try


do you like the band Incinerate?


Well , I do play for them , so that would mean I do find them interesting.


do you like Deeds of Flesh?


Well , I do play for them , so that would mean I do find them interesting.


haha ok





Now, your top 5 most wicked bands of all time


frank zappa


mr bungle

spawn of possession

venetian snares


whats your top 5 most wicked bassists of all time?


victor wooten

rainer landfermann

jaco pastorius

les claypool (early years)

james jamerson


Jenna Jameson?


might be. you feeling lucky?


Whats the most crap band you have ever heard?


Pick a random band on myspace. Too many too mention and they`re way forgettable regarding memorizing any names.


whats your top 5 most wicked games of all time?


zelda: a link to the past

medal of honor allied assault

GTA san andreas

zelda - ocarina of time

god of war 2


is there anything of your likes that you feel like making a list of?


this is a rather nice list: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Gif


interesting list my whore





do you feel tired in giving me your attention?


I feel like you need to give me money for this. But then again, I`m an emotional retard with a wheelchair.


Whats the most wicked tab site you have ever visited?




do they make tabs now?


If you live in Norway, you will find a submenu to search for tabs. Kinda like image.google.com


or not


i hope that you can find some accurate ones


I usually just make them myself or get them from the bands I work with. So no worries, poppycock.


Alex webster said in a recent interview that you you are one of the best players of this generation on his opinion, what do you have to say about it?




hahaha, so your not flattered or something?


Sure. It`s probably the best recommendation one can get as a bass player in death metal. And The Bleeding was highly inspirational for me back in the days when i started out playing bass.


what other instruments can you play?


I just don`t.


do you like Psalms?


listened to it once, and it didn`t trigger me. but after 20 pages on the DB forum I might give it another shot


Rob from the band Embryonic Depravity (DB forum) wants to know if you have roads in Norway.


We tame polar bears , put saddles on them and ride at day time to avoid the trolls and tiger-seals.


Thanks for the question Rob!


We even got ISDN here last year!


I feel great now, Erlend


do you?


I feel like there`s way too much laxatives in my coffee.



Finishing this cuntchat, i want you to let people know whats up with you, Projects done, Projects to come, gigs...


Currently doing the upcoming Incinerate and Deeds of Flesh albums. Hoping to release The Allseeing I album within the year. The new BRT has leaked but is officially released the 27.th of august. Vile is working on new material, which will be very different from the other albums. And I`m working with one belgium death metal band that I won`t give out the name for as of yet. It`s supposed to be a surprise. BRT is touring Europe in december with Six Feet under ++ some single shows around europe - Russia, Iceland, belgium. That`s about as far as I know at this point.


get some Brazil shows, so i can hook a whore up


Pray to Santa Claus for a couple of years,  and we`ll see


great, last words for the jews


There`s a difference between kneeling down , and bending over.


Last words for the people who appreciate your work.


I appreciate this.



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